Support for OTGrow Therapists

Continued Support for OTGrow Therapists

OTGrow is committed to providing continuous support for OTGrow Therapists that have completed the Basic Experiential Group workshop. The options available are:

  • Mentorship:
    Louise offers mentorship via the online platform, to assist OTGrow Therapists to grow and sharpen their group facilitation skills.
  • Continuous tips, ideas and insights:
    OTGrow Therapists are invited to an OTGrow Therapists private facebook page once they have completed the basic group training. In the facebook group interesting reflections, experiences, thoughts and creative ideas are shared on a weekly basis, to keep OTGrow therapists growing personally and professionally.
  • In-person Guidance:
    An OTGrow facilitator sits in on a therapist’s groups with their client group and provides specific, personal feedback and guidance to move any therapist from being good to great.
  • Developing Resources:
    We continue to develop resources for OTGrow Therapists and have for sale:
    • Bumper Activity Book which has more than 100 activities in that can be facilitated in the Here-and-Now
    • 2 different sets of Projective Technique cards: one is general projective cards and the other is projective cards for shadow work
    • “Too Close to remember” book written by Louise and her client Hazel Zion that gives exercises for the psycho-spiritual approach in therapy
  • OTGrow Share Conference:
    OTGrow presents a Share Conference every third year, so therapists can share experiences, skills and knowledge gained from their own practices. The emphasis is placed on experiences, insights, research and skills of clinicians in the field.

In you are interested in any of these services or items, please reach out to Heather at for quotes and assistance.

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