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Experience, not just knowledge, brings about change. It is only in a safe, cohesive space, in which all belong and are accepted that we feel safe enough to tell our stories and to listen to others’ stories, through which we are healed. In these safe spaces we are more honest with ourselves and become real and authentic. Within an OTGrow group, we feel safe enough to take risks, ask questions, and to try new, life-supporting behaviour which leads to change. We reach out to others, feel less isolated and experience we are not the only ones struggling, which makes us feel more welcome in our skins.

In a nutshell, this is the Interactive Group Model process facilitated by every OTGrow therapist, regardless of the client group, setting, context or field in which an OTGrow Therapist facilitates groups.

Consultations and Services

OTGrow offers additional services on all matters pertaining to groups, over-and-above training therapists. These services include:

Consultations for practices

Teambuilding especially setting clear vision for companies

Developing group programmes for specific projects

Facilitating groups as part of specific projects

OTGrow’s aim is ….
to heal South Africa (and the world) one group at a time

Our Vision

Our vision is that OTGrow’s Therapists become self-aware, confident and renowned therapists that will be sought for effective group facilitation, who will consciously strive to heal South Africa (and the world) one group at a time, irrespective of the client group or context in which they work.
Our vision is to train 5000 group facilitators in the Interactive Group Model in the next 10 years and to make IGM the group model of choice for effective groups.

Olivia Rae Oliver’s Testimonial

I had come into the course with expectations/goals to gain facilitation tools and not only were they met, but in experiencing and trusting the process as a participant, I had gained confidence that I could affect change as a therapist, and so gained trust in myself.

I enjoyed that I was able to learn through experiencing the process as a group member and then make the link to the theory. Learning as a part of the group provided a deeper insight into the impact of the Interactive Group Model, which helped me trust the process by experiencing the dynamic, change and healing first hand. As a participant, I went through initial mixed nervousness, anxiety as well as feelings of excitement. Initially I felt overly aware of others. However, through the activities and facilitation, I experienced how I became more comfortable and started to trust the group process and how impactful the uncomfortable or silent moments can be, when allowed. It was beautiful to access the experience of the facilitators in how relevant the activities were and how they adapted to, and flowed with, the needs of the group.

Two significant take aways about the interactive group model were the group as a microcosm and the “here and now” concept. It was encouraging to watch Louise, observe, and through asking the right questions, she guided me to self-awareness and to reflect how a situation that happened during an activity had affected me and how I responded in return. This then helped me communicate my process to the group members which could be implemented in the following activity sessions. With respect to the group as a microcosm. the understanding that group members represent a slice of society, and how people behave in society will manifest in the group, was significant. I realized that affecting social and behavioural change in the here and now during the group process then enabled these changes to be more easily carried over into society.

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