Olivia Rae Oliver’s Testimonial

I had come into the course with expectations/goals to gain facilitation tools and not only were they met, but in experiencing and trusting the process as a participant, I had gained confidence that I could affect change as a therapist, and so gained trust in myself.

I enjoyed that I was able to learn through experiencing the process as a group member and then make the link to the theory. Learning as a part of the group provided a deeper insight into the impact of the Interactive Group Model, which helped me trust the process by experiencing the dynamic, change and healing first hand. As a participant, I went through initial mixed nervousness, anxiety as well as feelings of excitement. Initially I felt overly aware of others. However, through the activities and facilitation, I experienced how I became more comfortable and started to trust the group process and how impactful the uncomfortable or silent moments can be, when allowed. It was beautiful to access the experience of the facilitators in how relevant the activities were and how they adapted to, and flowed with, the needs of the group.

Two significant take aways about the interactive group model were the group as a microcosm and the “here and now” concept. It was encouraging to watch Louise, observe, and through asking the right questions, she guided me to self-awareness and to reflect how a situation that happened during an activity had affected me and how I responded in return. This then helped me communicate my process to the group members which could be implemented in the following activity sessions. With respect to the group as a microcosm. the understanding that group members represent a slice of society, and how people behave in society will manifest in the group, was significant. I realized that affecting social and behavioural change in the here and now during the group process then enabled these changes to be more easily carried over into society.

Personal Growth

“It was enlightening and liberating. I realized so much about myself and walked away empowered. I am ready to take this thing called life by the horns and dance with it …”
“A life changing experience …”

Khumo Sibanyoni

“I’ve come to be more comfortable with the parts of myself that I was not before… “

Kathrin Gioia

“I am actively trying to share more and be less worried about sharing emotions with people close to me. “

Zenobia Bloem

“Louise’s ability to adapt to the needs of the group as they arise has been inspiring to experience and observe. I have experienced healing as a result “

Facilitator’s skills, knowledge and presentation of workshops

“Experiential knowledge through active participation helped to gain understanding and insight into various techniques. “
“Enough freedom but well structured too.”
“The engagement and interaction was spot on for adult learning. “

Marine van der Walt

“It had an excellent balance between theory and practical elements”
“To experience the process first hand was priceless. “
“Allowed participants to gain experience of what it’s like to be a client – getting to experience all as the patients would was invaluable.”
“I love how the programme built on previous information and followed an organic process to give understanding and insight…”
“Very flexible and adaptable facilitator”
“Louise was spectacular! “

Natasha Biddulph

“I loved and embraced every present moment with your wise, gentle giant spirit, Louise …”

Passion for O.T.

Mishqah Isaacs

“OTGrow truly re-ignited my spark and passion for OT … “
“It also renewed my passion and belief that occupational therapy is magic.”
“Thank you for reminding me what O.T.’s space in a group should look like / be, I have a new found zest for skills and tricks to take back to my work space.”
“Such a powerful course, as a person and a therapist ! I am inspired to see that our profession can reach these depths and have such an impact.”
“Allowed participants to gain experience of what it’s like to be a client – getting to experience all as the patients would was invaluable.”

Kathryn Gioia

“What an awesome opportunity to fall back in love with being an O.T. again! “

Professional Growth

July Masango

“I now have more faith in myself as an occupational therapist … “
“I hope this shift in me lasts in a year’s time, … I can then look back and see how monumental this course was in my career as an O.T.”
“Brought awareness and provided insight into areas of private practice that i was previously unaware of. Built upon the knowledge I previously had and gave me ways to fine tune different areas of my private practice.”

Khumo Sibanyoni

“Professionally, I’m no longer shying away from the tensions that arise in groups, and allowing myself to give my patients some trust over the group space
… I felt like an actual facilitator instead of the supervisor I was being in my previous groups.”

Skills learnt and applied

Debbie Smuts

“Psychodrama has enriched my repertoire of skills in acute mental health. I very often use a psycho or socio drama as my main activity in groups. Some of the techniques such as mirroring and doubling I use often in other groups during discussions when people are stuck or overwhelmed. … “

Adrienne Daniels

“I have used techniques like scene setting and doubling to assist clients move out of areas they feel stuck in their lives and seen the power that psychodrama has to create lasing changes in clients, especially their insight into themselves and their relationships…”
“I liked how the interactive model was presented and re – enforced practically. We had the opportunity to actually experience how to implement it and we had the opportunity to experience it from the client’s perspective.”

Simone Bezuidenhout

“I feel like I know more and will have more confidence to use projective techniques with my patients.”

Testimonials from groups facilitated by OTGrow for other NPO’s and corporates

“I am elderly but learned so much from the young and I understand their fears and worries because I went through it also. I can encourage them.”

“All my life I lived with a fear for whites. Today I can honestly say I am healed.”

“Loved the fact that people were allowed to share their opinions without being judged.”

“This week was the best week of my life and I have learned so much in this one week. Actually, I became a better person.”

“I’ve found a new freedom to be myself, no apologies.”

“Ek is tot meer toe instaat, as wat ek gedink het.”

“Ek het nooit geweet ek kon myself vergewe nie. Ek voel soos ‘n nuwe mense. Selfs my seun sê ek klink anders en nou bel hy my.”

Unsung Heroes feedback

“Befriending my fear gave me back my control. It is liberating”

“I felt relieved to share my covid story with strangers, without judgement”

“Hope, bravery, Inspiration and courage and living life”

“The group have impacted my life but these tears in my eyes are just being extra🥴”

“People are not a bad as I thought”

“It has unleashed my hidden potential”

“My confidence has grown so much, I’m going to start my own YouTube channel, which is my passion”

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