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OTGrow was established in 2010 after we realised that there was a great training need by Occupational Therapists to present effective groups. OTGrow trains therapists in the Interactive Group Model. Since our beginning, we have trained more than 1000 therapists (not only Occupational Therapists), both nationally and internationally. Therapists in a wide vary of contexts have been trained: therapists in NPO’s, NGO’s, government sector, private practices, private clinics, day clinics, wellness centres and therapists working at mines. On average 8 training groups are offered a year throughout the different provinces in SA, with 1-2 international training groups, every second year.

The emphasis of all our OTGrow training is two-fold:

  • All who are trained will feel confident enough to start implementing the IGM/ techniques as soon as the training is completed.
  • We believe that self-aware therapists become authentic, effective facilitators, so all our workshops facilitate both professional skills and personal growth

Although training remains our main focus, we have branched out into other areas like developing specific group programs e.g. the #MoreThan community building and social cohesion program and facilitating groups for NPO projects, and team building for corporates. For example, in 2021, at the height of the covid pandemic, we were privileged to facilitate online groups for burnt-out medical personnel, in collaboration with the University of Pretoria.

Once OTGrow therapists have completed the basic groups facilitation training, we support them through providing continued insights and tips through our facebook page, offering mentorship and continuously developing resources for their groups.

So what is the Interactive Group Model (IGM)?
The Interactive Group Model was developed by an Occupational Therapist, Dr Marianne de Beer and a psychologist, Dr Charl Vorster at the University of Pretoria in the 1980’s. The IGM is built on the foundation of Yalom’s group psychotherapy.

IGM makes use of participation in activities and interaction in the Here-and-Now to bring about healing within people’s relationships and social skills. It builds cohesion and facilitates curative factors like universality. In a cohesive group, the community members feel safe and accepted enough to share their stories, which makes it easier for people to connect to each other’s humanness. Within this safe, accepting space, the group members are now free to take risks: risks of trying new behaviour patterns, risks of learning about their authentic self, risks of being vulnerable and showing themself and the risk of forming relationships and trusting others again. In this way, people become more confident in their new skills and are more likely to implement it in their own homes and communities. Through the Interactive Group Model, clients’ confidence grows in themselves and their social skills making the transition back to their work, families and their community less daunting.

Brene Brown’s work on shame and vulnerability and Johan Hari’s work on the impact of lost human connections, has shone the light anew, on mental health declining when we are not connected to other humans. The IGM is the perfect antidote, to develop authentic, deep connections and share sacred moments with others, that have moved from being strangers to fellow sojourners.

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